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Dental jewelry

«Dental jewelry is a way to give your teeth an extra touch of individuality and personality.»

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Dental jewelry is a type of cosmetic jewelry that is permanently attached to the teeth. There are many different types of dental jewelry.

The process of attaching dental jewelry is painless and uncomplicated. First, the tooth is prepared by cleaning and roughening it. Then a small piece of adhesive is applied to the tooth and the jewel is carefully attached to the surface. Tooth jewelry usually lasts between six months and several years, depending on how the jewelry is handled.

The price
The price can vary depending on the type and value of the dental jewelry. You can choose between different types, including Swarovski, Bijouterie, white gold or gold jewelry.

Gold / white gold 22-24k = CHF 150.
Butterfly = CHF 100.-
Swarovski = CHF 60.-
Bijouterie = CHF 45.10