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In both bleaching procedures, a professional teeth cleaning and detailed consultation are essential.
In-office bleaching can be booked online if the last dental hygiene appointment was no longer than 3 months ago; otherwise, please schedule a combined appointment.

Important: Bleaching is not possible if you have restorations such as fillings or crowns in the front teeth area, as these cannot be lightened. Additionally, if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, have enamel defects, or have open carious lesions, bleaching will not be performed. Bleaching is also not possible in case of hydrogen peroxide allergy or during pregnancy.
For advice or any questions, please contact us by phone.

In Office Bleaching

In office bleaching with ZOOM-Philips is a tooth whitening procedure that is carried out in the dental practice. It involves the application of a highly concentrated whitening gel that delivers fast and effective results. The practitioner protects the gums and other sensitive areas before the whitening gel is applied to the teeth. A special light source or laser is often used to enhance the effect of the whitening gel and speed up the whitening process. In-office whitening is a quick way to achieve a brighter smile.

120 Minutes = CHF 451.45

Home Bleaching

Home bleaching is a teeth whitening procedure that can be conveniently performed from home. It involves using a custom-made tray filled with bleaching agent. The tray is then placed onto the teeth and worn for a specific period to achieve the desired color lightening.

Bleaching tray set costs CHF 428.35. CHF 425.95

In Office Quick Bleaching

Discover our latest in-office bleaching method, exclusively performed after dental hygiene and taking only an additional 15 minutes. With the cosmetic bleaching Click by BlancOne, you achieve a natural result that is painless and gentle. In comparison to Philips Zoom Bleaching, the main difference is that the effect doesn't last as long (about 3 months with Click), but it is a more cost-effective option. Additionally, Click can serve as a test to determine the effectiveness of an in-office Zoom Bleaching if Click succeeds.

This treatment can be booked in the booking tool under «Dentalhygiene and Quick Bleaching.»

Quick Bleaching = CHF 54 exkl. DH